Saturday, December 15, 2012

Get Real America--Guns Are Not The Problem

  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Tim.1:

In 1973 I sold all my guns and have seen no reason to own a gun since. However, I am of the opinion that if there were more armed individuals many of these incidents would not occur with the same drastic results. What I have observed about the recent mass shootings is that psychiatric medications were involved and played a greater role than the guns used to kill so many.

We are shocked that, a young man would pick up a rifle and two hand guns and murder twenty children and six adults, then take his own life.  Our politicians, president, and anti-gun activists would have us believe that the "guns" are to blame for this tragedy but this is not the first such violent act by young men.  There is a more sinister cause behind these mass murders and violent acts that continues to be ignored-psychotic drug treatment.

A young man opened fire on holiday shoppers in Clackamas Town Center in Oregon, killing two people and himself.  Twelve people were killed in a movie theater in Colorado in July.  Three high school students were killed in Ohio in February.  These happening are far from rare any more but they have a common denominator and it is not guns. 

First off, why should I care about what type of weapon is being used?  What I should be concerned with is what driving behavior behind these murders is controlling the shooter? The common denominator in these shootings has been prescribed psychiatric mind altering drugs for behavior disorders.

The outcry from the public should not be against the type of guns or if they were purchased illegally or legally, but against the doctor who prescribes these mind altering drugs and pharmaceutical that profits from the disorders of these unfortunate young men.  Behavior problems cannot be changed with a pill.

I know it is easy to blame the shooter and disregard the emotional behavior disorder that was being treated by drugs that altered their minds but it is time we address the real root problem of these shootings.  How did we get to the place in America where 20% of the population is now on these mind altering drugs?  

My question is if there is a debate about gun control shouldn't there be a debate about the dangers of psychiatric drugs. After all, the violent behavior is a side-effect of many of these drugs. If we are to support the ban of guns shouldn't we also ban mind-altering drugs with violent and suicide side-effect?

It is not the gun causing these mass murders; it is the individual that commits the murders. It would be far better to outlaw the use of psychiatric drugs which has a major impact on the behavior of the individual.  I find it interesting that antidepressant drug have never been tested on children nor approved by the FDA for use on children.  It is also known that such drugs cause young men to think violent thoughts and commit violent acts.  But here in the United States we are putting our kids on mind-altering drugs because we do not want to deal with the behavior problems.  Even knowing that a 1200% increase in suicide risk is possible!  Give them a pill and ignore the root problem.

Young men on these mind-altering drugs are at twice the risk of violent behavior as those who are not on them.  If we are going to keep putting are kids on mind-altering drugs we should be prepared for more of these mass-killings.  I find it odd that in other countries where it is against the law to use these drugs on children that we are not seeing the mass-killings like we see in America.  When you change the brain for violent behavior what do you think the results will be?  Just like the young man in the recent shooting.  When you have a young man filled with psychotropic drugs that promote violence this is the results.

My concern is this we have thousands of these young men in our public schools right now.  Sooner or later it will happen again and the anti-gun crowd will be blaming the gun.  Many of these drugs are no more than an experiment for the pharmaceutical companies.  If we were to see the same outcry against the drug companies as we do against the gun dealers and manufacturer there would be less of these killings taking place.

Just as a side thought, how many automobile "accidents" have been caused by individuals using mind-altering drugs? Shouldn't we have laws for anyone on a prescribed mind-altering drug preventing them from having a driver's license? Should we prohibit anyone using psychiatric mind-altering drugs from holding jobs as teachers, doctors, law enforcement, and yes all politicians?

We are at greater risk from individuals on prescribed drugs than from a gun, knife, sword or any weapon and yet the politicians who are wanting to take away the "right to bear arms" are not requiring the root cause for these mass murders to be banned—psychiatric mind-altering drugs. Just my thoughts.