Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who Is Pushing America Towards A Russian Conflict?

My father was drafted during World War II and served in Northern France, Rhineland and Central Europe.  He served in the Army Medical Service Corps and saw the horrors of war as he earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart and the Victory Medal.  The only time he would talk about his war experiences was with his war buddies and brother that served during the war.  Listening to my father talk about war there was no glamor; it sounded difficult, uncomfortable, and was nothing like how movies portrayed war.  I remember  right after I graduated from High School, the Vietnam war was on and the draft was taking every eighteen year old they could get.  I was unable to find a job and looked into joining the Army.  My dad was not pleased with my decision and gave me a lecture on why I should not become part of the military.  From his view it was not something you do unless is was absolutely necessary and the War in Vietnam was not a necessary war.  Years later he proved his point-- it was a war that wasted the lives of over 50,000 young men and ended in defeat.

I am not one who is anti-soldier, although as I have become older and understand that most of the conflict America gets involved is more over politics than liberty and freedom, I have become anti-war in my beliefs.  This may sound strange coming from a Quaker who should have a religious foundation in the Peace Testimony but can support those who have taken the oath as a solider to protect the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.  As I look at our country the greatest enemy our nation is faced with in from within.  There are those who are out to destroy the foundation of this country.  They have clothed themselves in the American Flag but underneath they are traitors and terrorist.  They are willing to sacrifice our youth on the battlefields of their own makings for their own personal wealth and power.  It is not the best interest of the American citizen that they are concerned with, but world domination and control of world wealth.

Over the past few years after 9/11 the neocons have infiltrated the Republican Party influencing policy.  In fact neoconservatives played a major role in promoting and planning the invasion of Iraq.  They are the same warmongers that would have us get into war with Syria and Iran and now they are pushing us into war with Russia. America has spent billions in the past few years on war.  All the while our economy is faltering; unemployment has left millions of workers without jobs that would support their families.  Congress has not approved a budget in years; we are in a spending frenzy that is destroying our economy. 

The irony is the very group of neocons who would have us get involved in another war is not helping solve the problem the US government has with the economy which the military depends on.  Actually, these past few wars have hurt the economy; too much is spent on the military in the wrong places.  The solider in the field is not protected because of the lack of funding, the retired solider in not taken care of after his or her service to this country, the Veterans Administration is in a backlog and many are not getting the medical attention they need.  Yet, we can give countries that hate us billions of dollars that should be going to those who served this country! 

Our elected leaders are now pushing us towards a dangerous conflict that America may not be able to win. The warmongers, the neocons, the progressives that are following the lead of those who are destroying our country have taken over this country in coup that many fail to acknowledge.  Obama has not changed the policies of the neocons from the Bush administration.  In fact he has gone much further than Bush.  He has his own “kill list”, has overthrown duly elected official in countries like Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine and is trying to overthrow Syria and Iran.  His style of democracy is to remove those who were elected by the people in elections that were fair and honest and replace them with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood or puppets that can be controlled by the powers that placed him in the presidency.

The very security of the American way of life is in jeopardy from taking on Russian.  Americans often fail to understand that our way of life is based on the security of the dollar.  If the dollar is no longer a world currency for the purchase of oil we are in danger of a total collapse of our country. 

A little history lesson to help us understand what has taken place to put us on the road towards total collapse. No matter what your feelings about big oil, the petrodollar is what keeps America stable. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have required that oil be purchased by the dollar.  Since the U.S. was the world’s largest importer of oil this could happen.  But the U.S. is no longer the largest importer of oil, China has surpassed the U.S.  When Russia no longer accepts the dollar as currency for oil all the economic sanctions put on by the Obama administration will not compare to the damage a switch from the petrodollar will do to America.  What is happening now is that even Saudi Arabia is moving away from the U.S. and towards China.  With the need for oil increasing in China and the decline of the dollar used for the purchase of oil, this will spell the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the failure of the U.S. economy.

If the neocons continue to push Obama to place more sanctions on Russia, the American people will be the loser.  Not only will America hurt from the sanctions, but over 6000 German companies who do business with Russia will suffer.  The wiser people who are advising against these sanctions say the Ukraine crisis is the biggest threat to global growth, and especially Germany, because of Russia's importance as an energy exporter.

Russia is one of Germany’s biggest trading partners, as the country is ranked the 7th biggest import market in 2013, according to Germany’s Statistics service. For the EU Russia ranks the third on the list of business allies, with the trade turnover estimated at $330 billion. German leaders might go along with the Obama sanctions but they could pay a tremendous price if the U.S. government cannot come through with replacement oil to compensate for the loss if Russia cuts off the gas and oil.  The question everyone should be asking is who is behind this push to destroy Russia?

I don’t know if Putin is as evil as the media paints him to be or if Russia is a cold hearted nation out to dominate the entire world.  What I do know is that Obama is evil and cold hearted when it comes to the interests of the American people.   In the past few years the domestic policy of the Obama administration has been to attack the middle class and the poor.  The failed policies of this administration has given us more people on welfare than ever before, millions of unemployed workers now dependent on the government for unemployment benefits, the income of the middle class has decreased, and the overall economy is teetering on collapse. To keep the American people distracted from these failures we need a war to get everyone to rally around the flag and forget the horrible condition our country is in. 

My concern is that in the upcoming elections American voters put back into office these warmongers who are pushing our country to the brink of destruction.  Men like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Harry Reid, and Peter King who are permanently detached from reality--these are the greatest enemies to our country.  As history has shown time and time again men who are driven by the desire for world domination usually end up being destroyed by the very ones they claim to help.

America does not need another war.  It is time for America to seek peace!  We do not need to become weak in order to have peace.  We must stop being the “world bully” and quit trying to dominate the entire world.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Washington Stay Home And Clean up Your Mess!

The Obama administration, along with the neoconservatives, has condemned the  referendum in Crimea as “illegitimate” and is putting sanctions against Russia. However, the US government’s seemingly random policy on other referendums hints at a double standard in their governments’ rhetoric.

Crimea will voted Sunday  to join with Russia. The Obama administration through John Kerry has claimed the referendum is a farce and that Russia should remove the troops now in Crimea. Moscow, however, maintains there has been no such invasion and the referendum represents the Crimea’s right to self-determination.Self-determination is the right of all people everywhere.

In the past the US government has not batted an eye when countries sought to hold referendums and in some cases actively supported them. He is a list of some recent referendums under the Obama administration.

South Sudan
After a long and bloody conflict, South Sudan separated from the north in 2011 to become the world’s youngest nation state. Then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hailed the move as a historic day and “a testament to the tireless efforts of the people of South Sudan in their search for peace.” Washington has since spent around $600 million in building the new nation, but has frozen payments because of an escalation of violence in the fledgling nation. (Washington is going to spend $1 billion in the Ukraine--this administration has set aside $5 billion to keep Russia out of the Ukraine.)

The Falklands
The UK government held a referendum in overseas territory the Falklands in 2013 to ascertain whether the islanders wished to remain a British colony. In spite of Argentinian protests, the Obama administration did not move to intervene and stop the vote. Argentina lays claim to the Islands, calling them the Malvinas. In the referendum an overwhelming 98.8 percent of the Falklands population voted to remain British. (Washington didn’t get involved because we are tight with the UK—sorry Argentina.)

The Scottish government has scheduled a referendum for September 2014 to ask its population whether it wants independence from the United Kingdom. Britain has said if Scotland breaks away it will not be able to use the pound and will have to reapply for EU membership. The Scottish government, for its part, has resolved to eject all British nuclear weapons from the country should its population vote to be separate. The Obama administration has remained silent but will not doubt side with the UK. Will Washington threaten Scotland?

The autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia has announced it will hold a vote to decide on whether it wants independence from Spain in September. Madrid has slammed the referendum as illegal and in violation of the Spanish constitution because it questions Spanish sovereignty. Spain’s crippling financial crisis has led to a growing separatist movement in Catalonia over the last few years. The Obama administration has remained silent. Should Washington get involved in this “illegal” referendum?

So why is the Ukraine generating so much concern from the Obama administration? Have we so soon forgotten what Washington did in Egypt and how that turned out? If the four countries mentioned were of no interest to Washington maybe the Ukraine and Crimea should handle their own problems while Washington solves our problems here at home. America has paid a great price in the lives of our young men and women only to have those nations hate us for our interference. We don’t need a war with Russia. Let Europe solve their own problems and keep Americans soldiers and money at home.

American Style Democracy—A failure around the World

Among those who are acquainted with me know my desire is that truth be central to our form of government.  I am an elected official and have take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United State against enemies both foreign and domestic. I believe the Founding Fathers had it right and we have strayed from the path they blazed before us.  We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.   However, I am well aware of the myth that has been perpetrated upon the America people about who we really are.  Many good conservative people have wrapped themselves in the flag of patriotism, self-determination, truth, justice and mercy.  But the reality is found in our spiritual condition more than our motto's, our slogans and even our Constitution. 

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John we read: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.  20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. 22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.­­­­(Rev.3:15-22)

In our arrogance and pride we have allowed our leaders to be influenced by those who have destroyed the America of the past.  These misguided leaders are now set on “spreading democracy” around the world.  Their intent is world domination.  The reality is we have lost our spiritual foundation and our Nation is about to be “spued out.”   We are a divided Nation of hot and cold-- making us lukewarm.

American neoconservatives have pushed an aggressive foreign agenda to spread so called “American values” under the guise of democracy.  The concept is nations under a democratic rule will be unlikely to fight one another.  This will give us a more peaceful world.  There will be no peace as long as men deny God and serve their own evil desires.  These would be world leaders are pushing for “world peace through democracy”.

 How is that working?  Egypt is a prime example of pushing the democratic concept on a nation that does not comprehend the very foundation of democracy—liberty and freedom.  The powers that be made the decision that Egypt was ripe for democratic rule and change was needed.  How much support did America give to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak-- we may never know but Egypt was ready for a democratic society and no one was going to stop it from taking place.  Egypt's newly elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi was a historic first and was given the affirmation of Washington’s "strong support" for the change that had brought him to power. 

Under the regime of the former ruler Hosni Mubarak the Brotherhood was outlawed and has been a repressive organization all across the Middle East.  Our Secretary of State used the language that would sound good to the America people when she spoke of “. . . the strong support of the United States for the Egyptian people and their democratic transition".   She also stated, “We want to be a good partner and we want to support the democracy that has been achieved by the courage and sacrifice of the Egyptian people. Democracy is hard... It requires dialogue and compromise and real politics. We are encouraged and we want to be helpful. But we know it is not for the United States it is for the Egyptian people to decide."  

So when the Egyptian people made the decision to have democratic elections, American leaders were calling it the Arab Spring.  This Spring of Democracy didn’t last long.  The conflict in the Middle East required Egypt to declare sides with those who aligned with her values.  Listen how American leaders responded to their democratic decision, "Egypt, watch what you do and how you do it. You're teetering with the Congress on having your aid cut off if you keep inciting violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians."  What happened to self-determination, the right to choose, and all the other things we declared as American values and promised with the acceptance of democracy?  

Egypt has in the past determined the regional balance of power and it is a vital strategic land base for those who wish to control Egypt and it had better be the United States.  After all the United Stated invented democracy and it is Washington’s gift to the world.  If these countries fail to recognize their good fortune then we will take our money and overthrow their government.

The American people have bought into the “moral argument” that if it’s not “American democracy” it is not democracy.  That gives us the “right” to slaughter the heretics and bring them to acceptance of our form of democracy through military means.   In the past few attempts at spreading the American form of democracy we have backed the “rebels”.  The willingness of the American public to support the use of force for revolutionary purposes remains part of the American experience and we love the “underdog” after all we are a rebel nation.

American leadership has a poor history of supporting the wrong rebels.  Case in point- Afghanistan.  During the conflict between Russia and Afghanistan the American leadership made the decision to support the rebels in a program called Operation Cyclone.  One young man, who joined the mujahideen rebels against the Soviets later formed Al-Qaeda and made the Top Ten Terrorist list of America.  He established his base in Afghanistan and declared war against America, initiating attacks on America.  His name was Osama Bin Laden. 

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power but just this week the Taliban attacked the office of the CIA in the center of Kabul.  At least two people were killed in the bomb explosion. Does this sound like they want American democracy?

These past few days we have been watching as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas attacks Israel.  Hamas is supported by Egypt and Turkey countries that used to be our allies.  Our president and officials in his administration continue to sell the concept that the Brotherhood can be trusted.  Morsi has said that he will abide by the terms of Egypt's 1979 treaty with Israel but then so did Hosni Mubarak and we see what happened to him.  When will American political leaders realize the Brotherhood cannot be trusted and they do not want a democratic form of government?  Right after the mediated cease-fire a top leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounced peace efforts with Israel and urged holy war to liberate Palestinian territories. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn't recognize Israel nor will they honor agreements made by the United States.  They do not want democracy they want Sharia Law a far cry from a democratic form of government.

It is time that America gets her house in order and repent of the evil we have place upon the world.  As Americans we should be concerned about the liberty and freedom that we have lost and are losing.  We need to open our eyes to the spiritual condition in our own country before we spread our form of deceit and manipulation to the rest of the world.  Those we are trying to force democracy upon do not want what we are selling.  It is time to cut off aid to those who want to kill us.  It is time to get out of the countries that do not want us there.  It is time to put Americans first above the rest of the world’s interest and resolve our own problems.  It is time to return to the principles that made our country once a great nation and to remove from office those who have joined with our enemies to destroy us from within.  It is time to get back to the God of Creation, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and the Savior of mankind.  It is time we return to God so that He will heal our land. 

By the way—America is not a democracy, we are a Republic.  Many American are under the false impression our form of government is a democracy, or representative democracy this is completely false.  The Founding Fathers were as fearful of democracy as much as a monarchy.  They understood that the only things that can take away the freedom and liberty of the people is their own government, either by being too weak to protect them from the enemies from the outside or by becoming too powerful and taking control of every aspect of life. 

In a Republic, the power resides with the people themselves—We the People are sovereign.  We have no obligation to the government; instead the government has an obligation to its owner—We the People.   The American people are the only people in the world that can stop the global drive to conquer mankind by a form of “democracy” whose ultimate goal is world domination.We must vote the warmongers and would be nation builders out of office.  We need men and women who will put America first.

Kosovo and Ukraine- Repeating History

Crimea voted to declare its independence from the Ukraine on Sunday and Russia signed a treaty with Crimea recognizing them as a independent country.  The United States has declared this illegal and declared they will not recognize Crimea and will bring sanctions against Russian leaders.  Have we forgotten our history of just a few years ago.   On February 17, 2008 the Kosovo Assembly unanimously (109 members present) voted to declare independence from Serbia. Serbia declared that the independence of Kosovo was illegal and Russia supported Serbia in that decision.  However, within four days of Kosovo’s declaration of independence, fifteen countries (including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia) recognized the independence of Kosovo. By mid-2009, 63 countries around the world, including 22 of the 27 members of the European Union had recognized Kosovo as independent.  So what makes Crimea different?  Is it because Russia is supporting Crimea?  (How long before other recognize Crimea's choice?)

The United Nations membership will likely be held up for Kosovo until Russia and China agree to the legality of Kosovo’s existence. So has Russia used the same precedent set by the United State and Washington does not like the Russians doing what they have done to support an illegal government?  A number of states expressed concern over the unilateral character of Kosovo's declaration, or explicitly announced that they would not recognize an independent Kosovo. The United Nations Security Council  remains divided on this issue: of its five members with veto power, three (the United States, the United Kingdom, and France) have recognized the declaration of independence, while the People's Republic of China has expressed concern, urging the continuation of the previous negotiation framework. Russia has rejected the declaration and considers it illegal.  So here we are again the same situation but opposite sides supporting the illegal country.  Who said, history repeats itself must be aware of what is taking place in the world today. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

America Meddling In The Ukraine

I realize that there are some who may be tired of my ranting about what is taking place in the US and around the world.  I am feeling like Jeremiah when he was told to go down to the king’s palace and give a message to all those in Jerusalem.  That message was to do what is right and fair.  Protect those who have been robbed, don’t do anything to harm the orphans and widows.  Don’t kill innocent people.  If they would only do these few things God would bless them.  But if they didn’t obey these few commandments then the LORD made a promise with an oath on his own name that he would destroy everything until it was nothing but a pile of rocks.

I am not sharing my ranting’s just to rant.  I have a responsibility to give the message from the LORD.  The LORD has said it will be very bad for the shepherd (spiritual leaders) who gives the wrong message.  During the time of Jeremiah the shepherds were destroying the sheep (the people) and making them turn from the LORD.  The LORD made the shepherds responsible for the message and blamed them for not taking care of the sheep.  The LORD promised to punish the shepherds for the evil things they did and said that they would be replaced with new shepherds who will watch over the sheep.

So, if my ranting bothers you don’t read it, however, I will not be silenced because of not being politically correct on some issues that need to be addressed and brought to light.  We are living in a time when people are uninformed about what is happening in our communities, our state and federal government and within the very wall of the church. I feel a personal obligation to share what is happening all around us.

Every day the news has been about Russia and their criminal actions and how the US needs to intervene.  I received this email from my Senator Dan Coats about how he would intervene.

On Wednesday, I introduced a resolution to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to condemn recent Russian military aggression. The resolution proposes sanctions and other measures to compel Russia to withdraw from the Ukrainian region of Crimea.
My intention is to contribute new, meaningful ideas for President Obama to consider as a strong response to Russia’s military invasion of a neighbor. The proposals are designed to isolate Russia and would inflict real pain on Putin and Russian interests. Some of these ideas can be accomplished unilaterally, while others require us to lead our allies toward broader agreement.
My resolution seeks to isolate and punish Russia by calling for:
  • Expelling Russia from the G-8;
  • Suspending operation of the Russia-NATO Council and expelling Russian representation;
  • Downgrading U.S. diplomatic representation;
  • Closing two U.S. Consulates General;
  • Requiring Russia to take reciprocal steps to close Consulates it has in the U.S.;
  • Expanding significantly application of the Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act;
  • Calling on FIFA to reconsider its decision to place World Cup 2018 matches in Russia; and
  • Suspending eligibility of Russians for seasonal work visas.
Can I ask why we are so bent on going to war with Russia?  Our elected leaders have their finger on the trigger and are ready to act without having all the information or maybe they do have the information and are hiding the real reason we need to intervene.  First let me say, Russia did not invade Crimea.  Russia has an agreement with Crimea to use their port.  This was verified by our own CIA director John Brennan when he told lawmakers that a 1997 treaty between Russia and Ukraine allows up 25,000 Russian troops in the vital Crimea region, so Russia may not consider its recent troop movements to be an invasion.

So why would my senator want to punish Russia?  I have stretched my tolerance to its limit and I am tired of Washington’s lies.  I am also tired of hearing the news media following the talking points of those who are no more than warmongers.  

How soon we forget that we were involved in Egypt with our elected leaders telling us how great this would be for the Egyptian people and that the Muslim Brotherhood was no more than a secular organization who wanted democracy.  So how did that work out?

We got involved in Libya by overthrowing the government and it is now run by Islamist militias who took the life of four Americans.  Had it not been for the outcry from the American people who were informed we would have been in the middle of Syria.  Our government leaders tried to hide the fact that the US government was supporting the “freedom fighter” who were no more that paid mercenaries with ties to the enemy we are fighting in Afghanistan.

Now that we know we are reducing troops and pulling out of Afghanistan the warmongers are in need of another enemy to fight—enter Russia.  How did this international conflict come about?  Who are the movers and shakers behind the scene that has pushed the world to the brink of war?

This conflict in the Ukraine did not start in the past few months it has been in the planning for several years.  The multimillion dollar campaign to destabilize the Ukraine is an attempt to thwart the efforts of Russia in Syria.  This is all due to the calculated efforts of the meddlers in the US, EU Israel and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  This meddling is Washington''s way of spreading “democracy”.  Washington gave the support to the new government of the Ukraine by getting rid of the democratically elected government because president Yanukovych would not sign the agreement with the EU.  So Washington initiated the violent demonstrations and allowed the “protesters” to take control.  Washington's support of the “protesters” is no different than the support they gave to al Qaeda terrorist groups in Syria.  

What I find interesting about those who want to go to war with Russia and teach them a lesson is that every one of them will profit at the expense of the American taxpayer.  The very ones who will profit from this conflict are the same who are presently profiting from the war in Afghanistan.   

The conflict in the Ukraine is no more than a calculated effort to weaken Putin’s New Russia which will open the door for Israel to defeat Syria and move forward with the gas and oil pipeline through Syria which Israel considers essential.  As long as the Ukraine is free from the EU this will never happen.

The conflicts taking place in the Ukraine, Crimea and Syria and Iran are all about the control the oil and gas in that region.  It was Meyer Rothschild who said, “Give me control of the money of a country and I care not who makes her laws”.  In the present conflicts the control of money is found in the control of the gas and oil.  If Russia controls the major portion of the energy to Europe there will be a financial shift in those who control the money.  As long as Russia is the main supplier of energy the international profiteers will not have control.  As American citizens we need to understand if Russia reduces it economic dependency on the United States over the Ukraine crisis, the American financial system will no doubt crash.  Americans need to stop being so gullible and realize that our very existence is in jeopardy.

If WE THE PEOPLE continue in our ignorance and gullibility we put the entire world at risk.The message that Washington is trying to get the American citizens to accept is that Russia is in the wrong.  John Kerry said in an interview with NBC, “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interest.”   Did he forget the US invasion of Iran, Afghanistan and Libya which resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian death and caused millions to flee to other countries?  Has he forgotten the wasted dollars these wars have cost the American taxpayer?  Sometimes the actions of those in Washington can only be expressed as, what are they thinking?

The hypocritical and utterly dishonest statements coming out of the Obama administration and propagated by the news media leaves one stunned by the unbelievable nonsense of our elected leaders.  

Just as it was in the day of Jeremiah the prophet America is going down the road of destruction.  The LORD promised Judah that he would bring something terrible on them something so dreadful that they would not be able to escape.  They would cry out to the LORD but he would not hear their cry.  The people made a choice not to serve the LORD so he tells them cry out to your idols when the terrible disaster comes.  There will be suffering but the LORD will not hear their cries. 

The message we need to hear is to stop those who perpetrate evil upon our nation and the world.  We can do this by voting out of office those who support:
·        destabilization of a sovereign nation,
·         illegally funding any group of protesters,
·         military or political overthrow of a nations monetary system
·        A Cold War mentality
·        Destructive policies that erode the freedom and liberty of our Nation.

Let us do what is right for America and the rest of the world will be better off.