Friday, November 11, 2016

Liberals and Globalist In A Panic

 Trump’s win has liberals and globalist around the world in a panic.  They are questioning the sanity of the American voter.  In America, the Democrats are shocked that Hillary lost.  The socialist progressives are signing petitions to have a recall vote.  Many young Democrats do not realize that we are not a democracy but a Republic.  Our Electoral College gives us the protection against large population pockets that could control every election.  The process is part of our Constitution and gives us the representation needed to make our vote count.

I have been watching people around the world who are frightened that a major shakeup is occurring in world politics because America elected Donald Trump.  There are those who are concerned that the world economy will crash because the United States will no longer be giving out “free” money.  There are those who are afraid that Iran, Syria, and other Middle Eastern countries will no longer be a concern of the US government.  There are those who are afraid  America will no longer be the money bag for NATO.  Most world leaders who have destroyed their countries with liberal political agendas are afraid that Trump’s victory will spill over into their countries.

I guess if I were a citizen of a country that receives millions in aid from America I might be concerned about the American election.  The American taxpayer has for decades carried the economic burden of the world.  There is nothing wrong with NATO countries paying their fair share.  There is nothing wrong with stopping aid to countries that hate us.  There is nothing wrong with protecting the sovereignty of our borders, after all, we have been protecting the borders of other countries for decades.  There is nothing wrong with the American voters electing who they feel is the best for the job of President.  The rest of the world needs to fix the problems in their country before they tell Americans what to do.

The liberals around the world need to understand that the reason their country is the mess they are in is they have a failed economy because they have sold their souls to the globalist that wish to destroy their nation.  Once people realize there is hope, they will cast aside those leeches who have been bleeding them dry.  Truth and freedom are the enemies of the globalist.

Why should America follow the failed immigration policies of Germany, France, Britain, and Australia? Under the agenda of the globalist, these countries are now suffering an increasing crime rate from Muslim immigrants.  Take for example Sweden.  While the U.S. media has been preoccupied with the Clinton scandals, and the fear of a Trump presidency they have given very little attention to crime waves led by Muslim immigrants. European countries are rocked by Muslim immigrant-led crimes. Politically correct U.S. news media and government officials have chosen to soft-pedal them.

Muslim immigrants the world over claim that the host people are “racists” and treat immigrants badly. The Muslim immigrants fail to assimilate to the laws of their host country.  They are a law unto themselves.  Even a country like Sweden, known worldwide as a tolerant country has received large numbers of Muslim immigrants. Sweden, although one of the wealthiest, stable, and permissive countries in the world, is experiencing Muslim uprisings.

So don’t tell the American people we made a bad choice in electing a President that has given us the hope the rest of the world only wishes they could have.  Get your house in order before criticizing our choice for President.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The US Government -Antagonist To Peace

 I must confess I have not been a strong supporter of the Peace Testimony held by most liberal Quakers.  I am a strong supporter of peace over war.   As a Quaker, I cannot ignore the existence of evil.  I also realize that the carnal weapons of war can only bring about death and destruction.  If a nation has a strong military and operates on a defensive strategy rather than offensive the likely event of war is less.  No one starts a fight with a stronger opponent and expects to win.

The problem with the military strength of America is that our government has had an aggressive strategy based on a false defensive strategy. Going back to the Carter administration, there has been a policy of aggression towards any country that threatens the economy of America.  To summarize the policy, Any attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.

Under the pretense of protecting the America interest, the US government has entered into wars in Iraq, Lybia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria.  The aggression of the US government is not defensive but antagonistic.  The US government is involved in 148 countries around the world.  The US government has close to 900 military bases in countries that have their own military.  Countries like  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Japan, Bahrain, Djibouti, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.  The spread of the US military around the world is the type of aggression that is not conducive to a peaceful nation.

Aggression is arguably the highest form of terrorism as it invariably includes the frightening of the target populations and their leaders as well as killing and destruction on a large scale. The U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 proudly announced a “shock and awe” purpose in their opening assault, clearly designed to instill fear; that is, to terrorize the victim population along with the target security forces. And millions of Iraqis suffered in this massive enterprise. What was the real justification for the Iraqi war? Benjamin Netanyahu himself defined terrorism as “the deliberate and systematic murder, maiming and menacing of the innocent to inspire fear for political ends.”

What concerns me about the Quaker Peace Testimony is they seem only vocal when it is a Republican administration.  Where were the vocal outcries and protests with the Obama drone policy?  Where are the protect from the “Peace Groups” about the invasion of Lybia, and Syria?  I find it hypocritical when the “Peace Quakers” can use the Peace Testimony for their political agenda.  Those supporting the actions of both Obama and Clinton in the present Middle East conflicts are violating the Peace Testimony they claim to support.  Quakers who continue to support the policy of aggression by supporting the present administration do not support the Peace Testimony.

I cannot support the aggression of the US government in the Middle East regardless of the political party.  The word aggression is rarely applied to the US government involvement in the Middle-East, but it is applied with regularity to the Russian occupation of Crimea which entailed no casualties and could be regarded as a defensive response to the U.S.-sponsored February 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine. The U.S. invasion of Iraq was surely not defensive and was rationalized at the time by what were eventually acknowledged to be plain lies. The same is happening in Syria. 

I am for peace based on a strong defensive military used to defend this country.  Not a military that is used for aggression and terrorism of countries that do not agree with our economic policies or using the dollar to buy oil.