Saturday, January 25, 2014

American Leaders Bashing The World

The course of American history changed forever on 9/11.  Under the Patriot Act Americans came under a law that represents the dark side of government.  Then with the loss of more freedoms from the National Defense Authorization Act our government has become a super bully not to just its own people but the entire world. 

Our elected leaders have given authorization to the president of the United State to deploy the U.S. military to apprehend and indefinitely detain any person (including American citizens) who he believes “represents and enduring security threat to the United States.”  This type of power is unconstitutional and places every American citizen within the reach of this act.  Anyone could one find himself or herself branded as “belligerent” and subject to complete confiscation of his or her constitutional and civil liberties and incarceration in a military prison.

Under the 2014 NDAA our elected officials granted the federal government the power to constantly put Americans under surveillance.  What makes this so scary is this power is given to our present president who is waging war on humanity all around the world.  He is doing it like a belligerent teenager who has no respect for the law or authority.  He has "a pen and a phone" and will do what he wants.  He represents the worst of rogue leadership.

The blame cannot entirely rest on the shoulders of the president he is allowed to act this way because of the lawlessness of the ruthless and corrupt lawmakers in Washington.  The leadership of this country has gone beyond the rule of law and is constantly violating it--we are living in the time where “every man does what is right in his own eyes.”

The arrogance of our elected leaders in this country is frightening.  Who would have thought that you could go to jail for having raw milk or, storing rain water or, having “unregistered” shell casings, or arrested for having a legally obtained firearm with a legal permit to own and carry?  Who would have thought that search and seizure could be carried out without a warrant?  Who would have thought that for voicing your disapproval of the present administration your whole life would come under the scrutiny of the federal government? Yet, this is happening in America every day.  Americans are being forced to bow to the will of the government.  Not only are we forced to bow they demand all nations bend to their will and target any country that does not bow.   Syria is an excellent example of how we treat countries that have what we want but will not bow to our pressure.

Another country that has caught the wrath of American politicians, new media and the elite manipulators of policy and thought is Russia.  Russia is almost daily maligned by those in the news media, the progressives and the neoconservatives. Putin bashing is the hobby for those controlled by our government and it has become unrelenting.  Putin may have his own agenda for sure but he has turned his country around from the Stalin era where Russians were spied upon by the government, were jailed and even executed if the spoke against the Stalin regime.  What Russia was America is becoming. 

Putin’s past with the KGB will forever make him a thug like Stalin, Hitler and today Assad.  What I find interesting is the same people who associate him with his past will not associate Obama with his past- communist influence, socialist leanings, Muslim training, Rev. Wright’s church or known criminals.  While Putin is accused of imperial ambition, Obama is carrying out imperial ambitions-Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama has a drone war going on that is world class and has killed thousands of innocent children.  Who bashes him?  No one. 

We have senators in this country that would push us back into the Cold War Era.  Men like John McCain that wants to be at war with everyone.  There is no other nation in the world that causes more harm to more innocent people than America.  Our leaders are out of control, our president has bought the media hype of him being the Messiah and claimed a divine right to act the way he does.  

Our elected leaders have for the majority become serial liars; they cannot be trusted to do what they were elected to do.  They have become rich off the backs of the American working man and woman.  They are a disgrace to the values this country once held; values that separated us from a world of tyranny and government bondage. 

Today, public and private wrongdoing has become an art form and is out of control and the only ones getting caught are the ones our government chooses to prosecute.  Freedom is fast disappearing in the country.  Anyone speaking out against the government is marked as a criminal.  

Americans who want this country to return to freedom and liberty guaranteed by our Bill of Rights and the Constitution are being marked as dissidents to be oppressed by the IRS, spied on by the NSA, and maligned by the news media.

Putin may not be the ideal leader but he is trying to save his country from those who would destroy it from within.  If he wants to come down hard on the Muslims or deport homosexuals that is the right of his country.  No one is upset with Saudi Arabia on how they treat Christians or how Muslim countries treat homosexuals, where is the outcry?

I don't live in Russia or Saudi Arabia, I live in America and enjoy my community and friends and that why I am concerned with the direction America is heading.   Before we start telling the rest of the world how they should govern their people we need to get our own house in order.  As bad as this may sound to a majority of people, we need to return to the old paths of righteousness and pray that we find forgiveness for the actions of this country before the judgment of God falls upon us and it will.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


How we as individuals react to situations in life often is labeled as proactive, passive or indifferent.  What is interesting is that there is really no such thing as indifference.  Indifference is a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum.  Plants cannot be indifferent to sunlight or they die.  Of course in the end it will eventually die and this inevitably makes life look hopeless where we just throw up our hands and say what is the use?  But most of us will never give up completely.  So we have two choices, to act or not to act—both are reaction.  The way we react reveals certain knowledge about who we are.  We do not live or die unto ourselves.  Our reactions come from how we deal with the challenges of life and those whom we follow.

The leaders we have chosen to follow are often responsible for the reaction to the problems in our lives.  How we react or fail to react is based on the leadership we are following.

There will come a time in our lives when our own personal experiences of fear, unbelief, and rebellion are a reaction to the leadership we are following. Our first reaction is fear, can I trust them? Then when the lies are told—unbelief sets in.  Then we realize that if things don’t change soon we will have lost everything—then we rebel.  This comes about when we do not accept the Truth nor follow the right leadership.

There was a time in history when the Hebrews followed the right leader—Moses, but their reaction to his leadership was to reject him and they desired to return to the bondage of Egypt.  They were willing to choose a leader who would give them what they wanted even if it was the wrong choice.

The choice made by the Hebrews resulted in them wandering in the wilderness until an entire generation died.  Their reaction to the leadership of Moses revealed a people who were self-centered, without a vision of the future, lacked faith in the promises given to them and were quick to forget the freedom and liberty they had been given.  God was ready to destroy them but their rightful leader (Moses) wept for them and was willing to sacrifice his life for them.  This is the character of a true leader.  He was willing to give-up all for his people.  Unlike leaders today who take all from their people and leave them begging for help.

Hundreds of year later we see another leader who was weeping for his nation that was wasted and desolate—Nehemiah.  He was moved to weep, because of the spiritual condition of his nation that brought about their destruction. 

Today, people choose the wrong leaders and fail to see the destruction that is coming, because they are self-centered, without a vision for the future, lack faith in the promises made to them and are quick to forget the freedoms and liberty we have been given.  The prophet was right when he said when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes.

Our reaction to the leadership of this country is leading us down the road of destruction.  We cannot hear the cry of the poor, we have turned our heads away from justice, our faith is gone and we are following those who would lead us back into the bondage.

We cannot afford to spend our life in the wrong endeavor, walking down a false path or following leaders who instill confusion and spiritual frustration.  Our lives are short and should not be wasted on a pretense of peace and safety, no matter who the leaders are.  We must follow Jesus Christ.  He stood on the hill side outside of Jerusalem and wept for the spiritual condition of the people.  He said how many time have I tried to protect you as a hen protects her chick but you would not seek that protection or come to the security that is in Jesus Christ.

  It is our responsibility to choose the right leaders.  So how do we know what makes a good leader?  If we use the wrong criteria in choosing a leader is will be tragic.  As I get older I have less confidence in the people who say they are concerned about what happens to me.  We have all heard, “don’t fear, the government is here to solve all your problems”.  What should scare every American is that there are individuals in both political parties that are corrupt and cannot be trusted. Lying has become an art form among American politicians.

For the past several elections we have based the choice of our leaders on their looks, their speaking ability and their promises.  All may be good to have but these qualities do not make a good leader. Our choice of leaders should be based on the person’s character rather than their looks, their speaking ability and their promises.  The person’s character is who they are at their core being.  After all the mistakes of choosing leaders we should have learned one thing, bad character leads to bad leaders who make bad decisions.

What is amazing about the American public is their total ignorance in wanting to know who they are electing.  We must explore the background and qualifications of the person before allowing them to even become a candidate.  The person should have good character and virtue and be respectable.

As Americans we feel that all politicians lie to us and that there is no honesty or integrity to be found among them.   The reason we allow the politicians to lie to us is because we will not hold them accountable for their actions.  As the people of this nation we have chosen the leaders we want to follow--those who will give to us what we want, even if they must take it away from others.

The leadership of America fails to meet the qualifications of “being above reproach”.  Our leaders we elect to follow are intemperate, love money, and cannot manage their own affairs; do not have a good reputation with the people they represent.  It is important how a leader relates and conducts himself with his family.  If he has family issues then he is not capable of leading this country.  He needs to have his own house in order.

The leaders of this country have no regard for the truth and those who serve under them are no more than the minions of their evil masters.  We have massive cover-ups, lies, scandals, invasion of privacy, disregard of the Constitution and a war on Christian principles and beliefs.  Our elected officials act as if they are above the law.  As American citizens we have mortgaged our nation to foreign countries to the tune of $17 trillion dollars.  We finance terrorist organizations, we bomb the innocent with our drones, we oppress the poor, and we rob from the working man and woman and think this is the greatest country in the world.  

Our freedoms have been taken away from us, our liberty is fast fading and our nation is divided, not down racial line as some would have us believe but by those who which to follow the Constitutional and those who are a law unto themselves—our elected leaders. 

We act as if a few “God Bless America’s” will save us from the destruction that is coming our way. It is time to make the right choices for the leaders that we will follow.  The leaders we have chosen to follow are often responsible for the reaction to the problems in our lives.  

Who will you follow?