Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ukraine the Forgotten Conflict

While our attention has been diverted to the ISIS brutality our government has been busy supporting terror in another part of the world-- mainly the Ukraine.  I have no friends, relatives or acquaintance in the country of Ukraine, however, I am sure there a faithful Christians that deserve my support as they struggle against the evil the US government has brought upon their country.

Most Americans have no idea that Washington bears the full responsibility for the crisis in the Ukraine by planning, implementing, funding, arming and directing the overthrow of the Ukraine government while blaming it all on Russia.

The American news media has tried to blame the Russian government for the aggression that is taking place right now.  Our elected government officials have overlooked the fact that innocent civilians have lost their lives.  This should not come as a surprise to Americans who keep up with the actions of our government in dealing with other countries that fail to follow the US agenda.  Civilians are being killed in every country we have troops. A large number of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine that have become casualties are civilian men, women and children.  Our elected leaders do not deny this; they have even admitted that it happens.

As I listen to our Senators and Congressmen show their contempt and disdain for human life and the living conditions for those who have been ravaged by our war on their countries, I am ashamed they represent me.  As our Secretary of State runs around the world talking  about the American position on “terror” while continuing  to support terror in countries like the Ukraine and Syria.

I have long turned off the American news media as they continue to bash Putin for making war on Ukraine.  What about the responsibilities of the US government and its role in supporting the overthrow of a sovereign elected government?  We have declared war not only on the Ukrainian people but the Russian people as well by the sanctions our government has placed on the Russian people.  We have no reason to be involved in the politics of Ukraine.  They are not a member of NATO nor are we threatened by them.

From all honest reporting, Putin’s goal was not to annex Ukraine; he just wanted to support sovereignty free from the US agenda and the NATO member countries.  Is the agenda of the US government to use the Ukraine as a base to bring about a regime change in Russia?  In every country the US government has brought about a regime change it has fallen to the Sunni Muslims through the Muslim Brotherhood.  Is the US government trying to bring about the total destruction of Russia and the Ukraine by using the Muslims?  It should not be too farfetched to think this since that is what the US government is doing in Syria.

The US government has a case of poor judgment when it comes to recognizing “terrorist”.  In every country where the US government has gone to fight terror the wrong side has been supported and the worst of the worst has been allowed to become the leadership in the fallen countries.  Why are we sacrificing our young men and women to causes that most American will not support?

The US government destroyed Iraq and left it for ISIS.  Libya was destroyed and left for the terrorist to control. Afghanistan will soon be controlled by the terrorist.  Syria is being destroyed by the US government supported terrorist.  While all this is going on the US government continues to blame the victims as the evil ones that needs to be destroyed.   

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers”, but today who is the good guy and who is the villain? Who wants peace and who wants war?  The US government does not want to resolve this war in the Ukraine diplomatically because the US government will not be in control of the area and would need to stop influencing the politics in the area and that will not happen.

I guess, when I hear my government leaders asking for more sanctions, I don’t think of the damage it is doing to Putin, but rather the Russian people who are trying to make a living, feeding their families, and just getting by from day to day.  No different than any American family.  While the warmongers are crying that Putin must be stopped, I would say that the US policy and Obama needs to be stopped before the entire world is engaged in a conflict that will have global consequences.

If Putin is trying to annex the Ukraine should this not be up to the people of Ukraine?  Or does the US government feel they must treat everyone in the World like they treat the American people by telling them what is good for them and forcing them to follow the accepted agenda?

The power of the US government does not lie with the elected leaders of the country, but derives it power from the global elite who have developed and controlled the agenda of global conflict.  The US Congress cannot even impeach the president who has over stepped his authority several times, has circumvented the law, and continues to align himself with those who are enemies of the American people and is involved in scandal after scandal. 

There will be those who will continue to “expose” the US government’s actions but nothing will be done.  In time Syria will no doubt fall, ISIS will become the caliphate that the Muslim world longs to see established. Ukraine will continue to struggle with those who listen to the US government promises.  Russians will continue to struggle with sanctions and the word freedom will only be a story told our grandchildren.  Will this happen?  It will if the American people continue to shut their eyes to the evil that the US government is carry out against the nations of the world that will not conform to its agenda. 

It is time for Americans to wake up. It is vital that the true Christians recognize that we are in a battle.  Not knowing the spiritual conflict that is raging around the believer is one reason there are so many defeated Christians and that Christianity has no power today.  Ignorance is a Christian’s greatest weakness.  Keep Christians ignorant and they will be no threat to evil that is upon the world. One of the other most important things to know is that there are two kingdoms that are in conflict.  This is the source of all battles that we face.  There is the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light.  These are the kingdoms of Satan and the LORD respectively.   Paul in his letter to the church at Rome admonishes the saints to put on the armor of light.  Christians are in a war against the kingdom of darkness and our weapons are spiritual. Light exposes evil and it does not allow it to hide in the darkness.  It is the duty of every Christian to expose evil, to bring to light the agenda of evil, regardless who is spreading it.

Are you ready to expose evil?