Sunday, July 5, 2015


One of my granddaughters asked if I was going to say anything about what took place in America during the past few weeks. I didn’t think I would but here is my rant for the week.

 The Supreme Court and Congress made decisions that will forever change America. It is frustrating that many leaders in America fail to see the simple truth that these changes are not for the good. What is happening at the local, state and national level is an erosion of our rights and freedom in the name of equality, safety, and political correctness. HAVE THEY NOT READ HISTORY?

Our constitutional freedoms are slowly eroding, in some cases, quickly being taken away faster than we can do anything about it. President Barack Obama told us he was going to change America, and in fact he is doing just that. He is not the cause for the direction our country is going.

  People seem to be unmoved by the direction our country is going. Some are glad that we are rushing to ruin. After all, Jesus will not come back until evil has reached its peak. There are those who rejoice that we are coming to the end of the age. Their hope is in the idea that Christ will Rapture them out of all the misery the world is going to experience. These people are so heavenly minded, they are of no earthly value. I really don’t blame the LGBT people for the change in the marriage laws—I blame Christians. Christians put President Barack Obama in office. You might say, I didn’t vote so don’t blame me. Really? Then who am I to blame?

Over nine million evangelical Christians were registered but did not vote. But we're not talking about one vote. We're talking about one voice and one mind - the collective vote of millions of like-minded people of faith who stay away from the polls each year. Keep this in mind, 75% of all Christians do not exercise their convictions at the polls. If every Christians would register to vote and then support Christians values our country would not be where we are today. If you failed to vote you are part of the problem. If you ignore the political process and allow evil to prevail you are part of the problem. Don’t blame those who took an active part in securing their rights—even if we disagree with them. After all they valued their position enough to support it at the polls and in the political process.

In 1774, our founding fathers wrote this in the Journal of the Continental Congress: "It is an indispensable duty which we owe to God, our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve these civil and religious rights and liberties for which many of our fathers fought, bled and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations."

Let’s not forget that our nation has been going down this road for the past fifty years. This week is less of a turning point, it is an arrival at the destination to which we were driving all along. I, along with others have been lamenting the loss of Christian values in America but, Christians have tolerated sin for years. We have ignored the corruption within the church. We have allowed corrupt and evil men to change the laws, take away our freedoms, and lead us down a path of destruction.

Christians who have avoided their witness against evil are the reason our country is in the spiritual condition of lacking power and authority. Jesus said, we are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost its savor, it is good for nothing, but to be trampled on. We are being trampled on because we are no longer the salt, light and witness we were called to be.

What I find interesting is that those who are winning the moral war in America, have no problem standing up for what they believe. They have no problem offending those who do not accept their beliefs. They have no problem pushing their agenda in the courts. What are Christians standing around waiting to happen before we act?

It is the time to decide exactly what we are willing to sacrifice in favor of Biblical faithfulness. We need to decide right now what we will do once real persecution of Christians starts. To what lengths will we allow .ourselves to go in order to protect our 501 (c)3 status? Or to avoid a costly lawsuit because we refuse to obey the law? In the earliest days of the Christian church, the apostles were bold enough to practice civil disobedience when duty to country and duty to God conflicted. “We ought to obey God rather than men,” they said (Acts 4:29). I trust we have the courage to do the same? I pray that I will have the courage, to do what is right, when called to suffer for the cause of Christ.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Destruction of a Nation--America

Today we celebrated the 4th of July--Day of Independence for America from England.  I rode in the Lebanon, Indiana parade as an 1800’s Quaker minister, my message was the Declaration of Independence.  It was good to see the patriotic displays and the applause of the people as they heard the words from the Declaration Independence.  But I could not help but think of the direction our country has gone in the last fifty years.  We are in a battle to retain our freedom.  Not only is this a battle for freedom it is a spiritual battle for the soul of our Nation.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:10-13

Paul in writing to the church at Ephesus knew the Church was in a spiritual battle that would require more than just a profession of faith.  It would require the Armor of God.  The battle the true believers are engaged in is the total destruction of the Christian faith.  This battle started in the Garden of Eden and will continue until the return of the LORD Jesus Christ. 

The enemy of our soul is also the enemy of our freedom.  This country was founded on the principles of Christianity.  The Founding Fathers had the idea that they could create a nation based on enduring principles which recognized human imperfection and the need to structure a limited government of laws, dependent upon the consent of a people who, themselves, understood the principles.  What made America so different than all other nations was:

  • It acknowledged that individual rights are derived from a Creator not the government.
  • It was based on enduring principles compatible with "the laws of nature and of nature's God."
  • It recognized human imperfection and that a tendency to abuse power is ever present in the human heart.
  • It restrained those in power through a written Constitu­tion which carefully divided, balanced, and separated the powers of government and then intricately knitted them back together again through a system of checks and balances.
  • It left all powers with the people, except those which, by their consent, the people delegated to government ­and then made provision for their withdrawing that power, if it was abused.

For decades America was considered a Christian nation, based on our laws which were derived from Old Testament commandments.  Our government buildings, our money, and our Nation’s motto reflected our dependence upon God the Creator-In God We Trust.  Our national holidays are a reflection of our Nation’s dependence on God.  So what happened?

Our Country is in the midst of a spiritual conflict that will end in the destruction of this Nation.  The battle for total destruction has been in the making for years.  The enemy is destroying our nation from within.  By attacking the moral beliefs of the people the destruction of the country will take place.

The moral foundation of our country is the key element, if the morality can be controlled by changing the laws, you can quickly destroy the nation.  Taking control of the moral laws allows the enemy to control the mind of the people.  The enemy can shape the people’s view of life and their values upon which that life is based. Shape the mind, you shape the morals, shape the moral you control the direction towards spiritual destruction.

To bring about the destruction of a nation start by changing the perception of truth.  To shape the truth you must control the areas where truth is dispensed.  Early in America, truth was dispensed from the pulpits of the local churches.  The pulpit reinforced the Law of God.  The Law of God was reflected in the civil and criminal law as found in the Old Testament.  Laws that enforce punishment on those who would practice incest, assault and rape women, those who would murder, those who would steal and lie, those who would kill their children, and a list of sexual crimes. You may be surprised to know that the source of these laws came directly from the Bible and were given for the protection of the family and society. You can read these in Leviticus chapters 18-19-20.

Other examples of laws taken directly from the Bible are our laws regarding bankruptcy, laws in our courts that demand witnesses to a crime before one can be convicted, and laws that demand just weights for commerce Many of the past laws, like our child labor laws protected children from being exploited.  Even our government Child Protection Agency was created to keep children from abuse. Our civil laws were established to keep order in our society, and because our founding fathers believed in the principles of Christianity, they created a structure that was based on moral laws taken from the Bible. So to destroy a nation with moral laws and principles based on the Word of God the truth must be reshaped.

The manipulation of the truth has changed our nation.  Who controls the information controls the mind of the people.  If the information is constantly distorted, lies become accepted as truth, tell enough lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact.   Spin and fabricate, misrepresent and influence using television, radio and print and you can manipulate the mind of the majority of the people.  Using false information about race, religion, history and sexual orientation can create internal discord as well as ridiculing, demeaning and challenging moral principles and national values in order to destroy the spiritual foundation.  

 Whoever controls the morals of the children will control the next generation. The decline in education started with John Dewey.  John Dewey is recognized as the Father of modern education. All he did was made possible by the theory of evolution being so strongly accepted after the writings of Charles Darwin. John Dewey wrote a theory of education and democracy that was based on evolution. 

The education theories of Dewey would not have been so acceptable to people had it not been for the previous acceptance of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. That theory was widely received around the world. Evolution praises change and declares the highest good is a positive change.  The question that should be asked is whose defines positive change? Darwin's theory helped strengthen the ideas of relativism and positivism which had been around for ages but were reinforced by John Dewey. 

John Dewey developed ideas of evolutionary democracy and evolutionary education and evolutionary law. Those ideas had as their foundation the premise that nothing is constant. He said the only constant good is change for the good. He did not measure things from any absolute standards, but from a relative perception based on human desire. 

Relativism denies absolutes. God is absolute. The word of God teaches absolutes. Evolution flies in the face of God's word.  The destructive ideologies taught by Dewey resulted in children being manipulated away from truth.  It should be noted that these ideas were used by John Dewey and Carl Marx and even Joseph Stalin to lead people astray. 

Engels wrote that if you could remove a people from their roots, they could be easily swayed to your point of view. This is happening in America with the destruction of our godly heritage in public school courses, government laws, and court rulings. By omission the godly heritage is being lost to our children. The schools are simply not teaching the godly heritage of this nation. Instead the schools are teaching children to become better citizens of the new world economic order. 

It is important in the destruction of a nation to develop the minds of the children with principles that are sympathetic to your philosophy.  Make future generations weak in mind, body and spirit.  Avoid teaching children the basic facts about their own history, constitution or rights.    Teach them that any basis of a moral foundation, like the principles of religion, is a weakness to be avoided in the name of freedom and also redefine the concept of patriotism to support your views.  Teach them to cast off old values and traditions in the interest and name of sensitivity—after all, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone with our old fashioned or traditional beliefs now would we?  And guns, guns are wicked, dangerous, and socially unacceptable—an evil that must be eradicated from society—for the good of the children of course.  Every time there is a school shooting there is a renewed interest in banning guns.

One of the major problems in our country today is the appointment of people to run our government.  If you want to destroy a religion, a nation, or an organization whenever and wherever possible place those sympathetic to your philosophy into office at all levels—the higher, the better—so they can sway the direction of the country within every function of government, promising solutions, handouts and benefits for all.  In such a way you can tilt legislation toward incrementally increasing the control of and dependency on government—a government that you are shaping.  

The past few weeks has shown this to be true.  If you can pack the courts with appointed judges who will not hold the people accountable to the law and its constitution, you can act with virtual impunity.  

There was a time in America where we were all Americans.  Today, we have hyphenated Americans.  To destroy the unity of a nation or people reshape the sense of nationalism, dilute the culture and language.  A strong nation has a foundation in culture and common language.  The bottom line, the culture and language defines and unites a nation.  If you can manipulate these two critical elements through legislative action, social pressure, or unchecked immigration, you can weaken the foundation of any country.  Force the acceptance of multi-cultural concept and refusal to have a common language will divide the nation.  In short, prevent cultural assimilation and undermine any sense of nationalism.  

Our country is just a few years away from the same social problems facing France, England, Germany, and the Netherlands. That problem is immigration. Immigrants to Europe come from the Middle East and Africa with different religious and cultural values.

This would not be a problem, except that large numbers of those immigrants have no interest in accepting the values and customs of their host countries, instead living in closed communities, demanding that their host countries bend their customs and laws to accommodate them.  All you need to do is:

·     Witness the huge problem of conservative Muslim immigrants taking over whole parts of      cities, often with police hesitant to enter.

·     Witness these immigrant communities insisting on their right to perpetuate their intolerant traditions against women and non-believers, at times even attempting to institute their undemocratic, mercilessly medieval Shariah law.

·     Witness this in their originally welcoming democratic host countries, from England to central Europe and even the Scandinavian countries.

It's no wonder many citizens and politicians in European countries are fed up with this abuse of their tolerance. Believe me, with our immigration "problem," we are the envy of Europe.  But if we continue to allow immigration from Middle-East countries and accept Sharia Law our country will no longer resemble the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

To destroy a nation shape the economy.  Regardless what you see in the news media our country is in serious financial trouble.  There are 47 million people who depend on the government for the necessities of life.  The true unemployment as reported this past week is over 49 percent.  The America of the past that was independent and free, many have surrendered to surrendered to government dependence.  In 1913 when our government turned the economy over to a private company-the Federal Reserve, America lost control if its economy.

If free people don’t depend on their government, that government has limited sway over them.  By legislating large sums from the public treasury you accomplish two important goals.  First you create dependents of the public and private business that are now subject to conditions, rules and regulations you dictate.  Secondly, you are putting that country into unsustainable debt, reducing the value of the currency while undermining its economy.  And of course, to support all this spending, you now make the case that the people must “invest” in all these government provided “benefits” so the government can tax them relentlessly stealing money from their pockets and independence from their lives.  Eventually, if you tax and spend enough, you financially oppress the people to the point of serfdom and overload their economic structure to the point of collapse.

 Through patient manipulation and clever coordination of these areas, you can, in time, weave the downfall of even the most powerful nation, using its own citizens and systems to orchestrate the destruction.  

 The irony is that in just a few generations, the indoctrinated masses will be convinced this trail which has been shaped for them is truly the enlightened path for mankind and they will unwittingly look forward to the trip!  You now have taken control of a powerful rival without firing a shot or spilling a drop of blood. 

 One of the most obvious issues for manipulating the American mind is promoting deviant sexual behavior. The American people have been under a barrage of the most sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing techniques ever seen outside Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. One should remember that promoting sexual sins as listed in the 18th chapter of Leviticus is designed to destroy the family and nation. Satan can only be successful in a Godless society and that's why this big push to destroy Christianity in this country and make the word of God something to deride and manipulate for the latest "tolerance" issue. Controlling the American mind to reject all social values that have held this republic true since the Pilgrims landed is the number one goal of political correctness. Is there hope? Yes.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

"Therefore, son of man, say to your people, 'If someone who is righteous disobeys, that person's former righteousness will count for nothing. And if someone who is wicked repents, that person's former wickedness will not bring condemnation. The righteous person who sins will not be allowed to live even though they were formerly righteous.' Ezk. 33:12