Friday, May 17, 2013

An Apocalypse Coming To You In The Near Future

I have often wondered what it would have been like to have lived in America during the late 1600's when my 12th Great Grandfather was living in Virginia. As a Quaker he was persecuted by both religious and government officials. Quakers were not accepted by the Puritans. In fact, in 1659 Virginia enacted anti-Quaker laws, including the death penalty for Quakers. What has changed in the 354 years of our country?

The difference my 12th great grandfather faced and what I face is the Puritans are not trying to kill me but my government has indicated that there is a possibility that due to my political and religious beliefs that I may be a terrorist. According to the Department of Homeland Security I have the attributes of a terrorist. Here is what can put you on their watch list:

1. Christian who believes the Bible is the Word of God. I am a Christian that believes in the absolute truth of the Word of God.

2. In the past few years I have come to agree more with the Libertarian political views than the other two parties. This put me on the terrorist list.

3. As an elected official I took an oath to support the Constitution and will support the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies of freedom. I make the list again.

4. I support the ideas of Ron Paul on limited government. This again puts me on their list.

5. I do like to grow and own food and support the Second Amendment. Another characteristic of a homegrown terrorist.

6. Do I question the government authority? More often than not. By now you should expect me to be a violent and bitter individual this could be a reason they think I am a terrorist but I am not violent nor bitter.

Even though I may be classed as a terrorist I have no actual desire to bring harm to anyone. This week I read an article that called for the second American Revolution. The tyranny we are face with is not foreign but domestic. There are those who feel we have already entered into the beginnings of revolution. Since I have never been involved in a revolution I have no idea when it starts. Is it when enough people are discontented with the ruling elite that they riot, or when the first shots are fired or when we have mass demonstrations? I don’t know.

What I do know is that there are many people who have been placed on the Department of Homeland Security's list of possible terrorist and these patriots don't like their loyalty to America challenged by a government that ignores the Constitution. All across America people are stock piling weapons, ammunition, digging bunkers, and hiding food. Americans have lost their faith in our government leaders. The approval rating of Congress is almost non-existent. Our president is covered in scandal, cover-ups and lies.

My concern is that there will be a revolution perpetrated upon the American people by a corrupt government. As Americans, everyone should be concerned about the direction this government is heading.

Today we live in a world constantly threatened by terrorism. The resent bombings should open our eyes to amount of hatred the world has for America. We only have to look at our own country to see the hated we have one for another. Our cities are filled with hate crimes, drive by shootings, mothers killing their own infant children, parents killing their children, children killing parents, inhuman behavior is becoming the norm, we are a people having no restraints. In America we approve over a million abortions each year. Our President has given his stamp of approval on the "day after" abortion pill. Why? There is no law, no real accountability; it’s lawlessness from the highest office in our country to the lowest government bureaucrat. The more tolerance today the less morals we have. There is a relationship between the two, no standard and anything goes. People are turning to suicide because they have no hope. Euthanasia is becoming an accepted alternative. Light is called darkness and darkness is light. We are confronted with an age of terrorism that is not isolated but sweeping the planet. There are those who practicing their religion zealously see it as their duty to rid the world of those who they view as infidels by the use of force. Is there an end to this madness? Yes, and it may be coming soon.

We have been warned by the Bible (believing this book can put you on the terrorist list) that judgment would come upon the world. In the near future we will see every infrastructure created by man brought down. We will watch as the structure of our world is devastated-- crippled-banking, communications destroyed, manufacturing halted, travel and shipping coming to a dead stop. You ask when? It may be nearer than we realize.

When a major global player with direct ties to the White House, Wall Street, and the banking system starts off-loading stocks and starts stacking gold, it suggests a very serious market move is set to happen. When billionaires are unloading their stock as quickly as possible something is about to happen. Are we about to witness the end—it is possible.

It is interesting that men who have spent their life analyzing the economic system are telling us that in the near future there will be a major collapse of the world economic structure. When this happens there will be world-wide panic. If our government continues to view its citizens as the enemy then we are in serious trouble.

Maybe the problems my 12th great grandfather faced will not be as great as the ones his descendants will be facing if this country does not find its way back to liberty and freedom.