Thursday, December 26, 2013

Destroying American From Within

Before I start this rambling rant, let me say I believe God is in control of what is happening and that we are moving toward the final judgment upon the nations.  I just wish that there were enough American Christians who understood the seriousness of what is happening in the world.

As I look back over this year there are a few things that I stand in total amazement over.  Those who know me know I have no time for profession sports and that includes all sports.  Professional sports are the America drug of choice that has numbed the minds and intellect of this country.  Americans are plagued with the disease of stupid.  How can the general public be so hypnotized by an activity that is destroying their community, raising their taxes and robbing them of their hard earned income?  Whatever happens in this country will be our own doing. 

One of the things that totally amaze me is the amount of time the American Christian’s spend on sports.  The world can be falling apart all around us, our economy is crumbling, we are at war to the point we have stretched our military personnel to the breaking point and to top that off, we could care less about the promises made to our men and women in the military because we are more concerned about our team making the playoffs. 

Another thing I find amazing is the fans of these team act as if they are part of the team, “our team”, “we did great in recovering the ball” “our defense was unstoppable”, what is wrong with these people?   Do “your” team members come a visit you when you are in the hospital?  Do they help you find employment when you lost your job?  When is the last time one of “your” team members invited you over for dinner?  Here is a good one, when was the last time “your” team was willing to take a cut in pay so the police or firemen or teachers could get a raise? Yes, your tax dollars is supporting the professional sports.   When was the last time they wanted your taxes cut so it would not be a hardship on your community?  NEVER!  Yet, Americans allow these corporate welfare giants to steal tax dollars away to fill the pockets of the owners.  How can we be so stupid?

Another thing that I am amazed at is the total ignorance of the American people about what is happening in our communities, our states, our own government and the rest of the world.  There are very few people who can carry on an intelligent conversation about issues that impact their daily lives. Most Americans are only concerned about their own issues.  We have become a society that is self-centered and lacking in empathy for their fellow man.

We have allowed ourselves to be deceived.  The news media is deliberate in its misrepresentation of facts.  That includes every news media outlet.  The elite manipulators of mass media cannot afford to have random objective journalism—they must interpret the facts as they want us to see them. As Americans we subscribe to our own brand of Kool-Aide. After all, the daily events occurring around us are much too confusing for the average American.  Keep this in mind, individual interpretation of events does not foster a well-controlled society.  What is the common term we have become so accustomed to—the spin on the story.  We no longer have a news media reporting the news we have a propaganda machine controlling the thoughts of the public with deceitful reporting.

Case in point, Syria.  Assad is a murderous tyrant, killing his own people, using chemical weapons to bring about their destruction.  This is excuse enough for the invading of a sovereign nation.  Although there are murderous tyrants all over the world doing their own thing and we turn our backs on the people suffering in those nations.  Why?  We can’t be expected to be the policeman for the entire world now can we?  What are the criteria for us going to war with a nation we no longer like?

Enter the news media.  They will try to stir up the American public to the importance of stopping this child-killing brutal godless tyrant who is a major threat to the peace and safety of the world—especially America.
Another amazing thing I have observed this past year is the number of people who pretend to be something they are not.  How many “patriots” have turned out to have their own agenda and America was not part of the agenda.  We have the neocons Republicans who always are wanting to go to war-- they are protecting America.  From what?  When was the last time a Syrian solider was seen sneaking around your backyard?  It is understandable why the rest of the world hates us.  We have people who have ordered the killing of thousands of innocent civilians, to push an agenda for the world elite manipulators. Then we have the progressive-Democrats who want to arm those who are fighting against us.  How stupid is this?  Why would we want to arm any country that has the potential of falling to the enemy?  Both sides are trying to be something they are not—patriots. 

Then on the home-front we must listen to those who pretend to have a concern for the American citizens.  They are the “experts” that pretend to know what is happening. Listen to the “experts” and you will become a “doomsday-prepper”.  The “experts” have been telling us since, what 1973 that the world’s oil will be gone in a short time.  Still the oil companies are making money, cars are still running, factories are still producing goods and the oil outlook has not changed.  So the “experts” come along and tell us if we don’t have more government control our economy will suffer.  We get the control and what happens-we suffer, with millions out of work.  We have “experts” that tell us we need more programs favoring the illegal minorities but when Americans speak out about this--we are practicing a form of racism that is dividing our country.  The “experts” tell us we need more laws to protect us from terrorist--we get more laws and now we need to be protected from the Homeland Security trained police and the TSA agents that violate our elderly and children.

I know I have come a long way around to the reason for disliking sports.  As Americans we are distracted.  Bread and circuses, gladiators and simulated wars worked for the Caesar’s of Rome.  The people need to be kept in the dark about what is happening in this country and around the world.  Sports has become the Roman Arena keeping Americans distracted while a world agenda is carried out by a few elite manipulator. It is not the distractors who are playing while America burns, it is the American citizens.

How can you say you love this country when it is crumbling all around us and you have no idea what is happening?  Get your head out of the sand and speak out against the lies that are being told daily by our government, the news media and those who have been elected to represent us before it is too late.