Sunday, December 9, 2018

Divided Nation-Divided Family

The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. Luke 12:53 

One of the indicators that we are living in the end times is the way families have become divided.   There is a great divide between the younger generation and their parents; whether God’s commandments are valid and worth obeying or rejecting. We see it in the culture in what is accepted and what is not. We see it in the current controversy concerning marriage and same-sex relationships.  We see it in the views of whether life is sacred, and if the unborn and other human life can be quickly discarded. We see it in the view of truth, that lies are not evil if they accomplish a “worthy” purpose.  We see it how families are broken and dysfunctional.   

There is a very definite division between the generations, but mainly even among families who were raised in a Christian family or consider themselves Christian. Young people hook up, they do not follow God’s commandments concerning sexual purity and marriage; this is true in Christian as well as non-Christian contexts. The words “I hate God” and “I hate Christ,” and “I hate you” may not have been said yet in so many words from their mouths, but their lives and their actions shout it out to all who have ears to hear.  

Recently, I was asked about a situation that I found was taking place more often than people would like to acknowledge.  I am not one to spy on the actions of other people nor do I like it when I find out I have been spied on.  Americans were upset when they found the NSA was spying on us.  President Trump kept telling us that the Obama Administration was spying on him, then the reality of what had taken place was exposed.  When our allies found out the US government was spying on them, they were upset.  No one likes a spy.  You can bring this closer home than the government.  There are people you should not invite into your home.  They will check out your medicine cabinet, your dresser drawers, under your bed, your closets and any place they think there is a place to hide some secret aspect of your life.  These individuals then share what they find with others.  Snoopers are trying to uncover secrets about you that they can use later to embarrass or blackmail you. You may see some of your secrets exposed on Facebook or the local newspaper.  Snooping people are not your friend.  What I found interesting there is research that indicates about 40% of the people you invite into your home will end up snooping.   

Snooping seems to be a way of life for some people.  They have done it all their life and continue to be a snooping spy whenever the opportunity avails itself.  What is terrible about this flawed characteristic is when they train their children to have the same defective attribute.  Parents who are indoctrinating their children to become a surrogate spy are abusing their children and damaging their relationship with others.  The very actions Jesus said would be happening in the last days.  These people love to be able to rummage through your home to get interesting details on your life, including any and all “dirt.” They are angry and malicious in their actions and will use any information to their personal advantage.   But since they can’t break into your house without risking jail time, they recruit a child to act as a spy on their behalf. 

This is very damaging to the child, for several reasons. First, it makes the child believe that it is ok to snoop.  With the aid of cell phone pictures which can be taken, and conversations recorded without anyone knowing what has happened exposes your life to the world.  Even though there are laws against recording and taking a picture in private without consent, parents use their children to circumvent the law. 

 Second, it teaches that it’s OK to be sneaky and spy on somebody. Remember, kids model their parents’ behaviors. So, a continuance brain bath in spying around someone house for information to share is very damaging to the child long term.  IF or when the child is caught the emotional trauma is lasting.   

This type of action is even more significant when an ex is using the child to snoop on the father or mother.  By aligning the child in this manner, the vindictive ex slowly tears down the bond that exists between the other parent and the child. This intentional act of abuse on the child is terrible– it creates conflict and discomfort in a relationship. It is a process of alienation that is malicious and abusive to the involvement of the child and the other parent.  The end result, The father, shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 

Parents that do this are evil parents. Period. A parent who is OK knowing that their child is suffering (especially over lies that the parent creates) is a toxic father or mother, and toxic fathers and mothers are sick people who have few limits on what they’re capable of doing.   Trying to deal with neurotic parents or ex-partners, if either or both parties is character flawed, they know full well what they’re doing, they just don’t care enough to restrain themselves because all that matters to them is that they have their way.  If a flawed character is involved, these kinds of actions are a malicious determination to have one’s way.  Regardless of the cost and the recognition of the fact that one of the easiest ways to thwart resistance from your partner is to cloak your self-serving agenda under the guise of serving the interest of the child even if it causes emotional harm to the child.  Issues of trust will result from such actions.  Parents who stoop to the level of snooping never learned the importance of trust.  They have had trust issues with their father, their mother, their friends and their spouse. They will never be happy until they resolve the issue of trust. 

So, here is some advice have everyone put away their cell phones when they come to your house.  Tell them it is for security reasons that all phones must be put away.  If you know you have a snooper in your house explain there are areas of the house that are off limits.  Your life will be less complicated, and you will be saved some embarrassment from a Facebook post or a newspaper article.
 Proverbs 16:28 - Troublemakers are always causing problems. Their gossip breaks up the closest of friends.

Finally, be careful what you say and to whom you are speaking.  There are people who can’t wait to tell someone what they heard.

Proverbs 20:19 -You cannot trust someone who would talk about things told in private. So, don’t be friends with someone who talks too much.

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